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Well, Well, Well. As one who has followed a trajectory Learning Loop > Bb > Home grown LMS > WebCT > Bb/WebCT > Moodle 1.9 > Moodle 2.0 > UltraNet > Moodle 2.2.1 I will watch with interest, and maybe (the jury is still out) see some hardwiring change.


While I'm not a biologist, punctuated equilibrium is not a good analogy here- in PE you're still working with the same population of organisms and distribution of alleles, you're just seeing rapid (in evolutionary terms) adaptation to new environments.

This is much more closely related to Lynn Margulis' endosymbiotic theories- you have the entire engulfing of an alien organism into a new whole such as mitochondria in eukaryotic cells. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endosymbiotic_theory)

This has both pros and cons- mitochondria are amazingly successful given that they exist in all eukaryotic cells. But they also can't live outside the cell anymore- they're totally dependent on the host.

Speaking as the instructional tech director at a school that left Angel when BB bought them and moved to a hosted version of Moodle at Moodlerooms, I'm more than a little worried about the cons in this situation.

Sounds like a bit of irrational exuberance here as often is the case with corporate promises. It would be interesting if the statement had been in plain English rather than saturated with high-sounding but fuzzy buzzwords. BTW, is there any research evidence that shows that all of the money spent on LMS improves actual learning?

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