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Congratulations, thanks, and Happy New Year. Nice work.

I have used blackboard as a student and as a professor. Wonderful!

Ray, I commend you and your colleagues at Blackboard for taking this step and following through on your intent to help further the important work of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. The value of IMS open standards from a CIO perspective include saving money on the cost of integrating and then maintaining interfaces between software applications, mitigating some of the switching costs associated with conversions, reducing some of the barriers to adopting new educational technologies, and providing our faculty and students a more seamless user experience. These are crtically important considerations for colleges and universities as we make decisions that end up either constraining or enabling technology enhanced learning and instruction. Common Cartridge 1.0 and Basic LTI support are a requirement for any learning environment we bring our faculty and students into at my university going forward. Well done. What more should we expect from Blackboard in terms of continued support for open standards?

Patrick – Thanks for your words of encouragement and for confirmation of the value you take from our commitment in this area. We’re already working on the next set of standards in three different areas – LIS, Shibboleth and SCORM; for more at length, you can check out my recent post here: http://www.rayhblog.com/blog/2010/11/an-ims-and-standards-update.html

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