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What about market dominance? There is no reason why Bb should not be in the collaboration space, I welcome their entry. The question you failed to answer Ray is why both? We all know why, it is so you can continue to lock people in and drive your quarterly profits. The result of this is that at least 1 product will be driven to extinction, just as you other conquests. This is bad for innovation and bad for education. Blackboard can't build anything so you buy all of it. Ray I though you were the change that Bb needed....I am prove wrong today. They can't buy Moodle!

Hi Ray
I thought I would send you a brief comment. Our firm KULPER & COMPANY is a search firm that works at the C level in both higher education and with companies that work closely with higher ed institutions to help drive their growth through the application of research and innovation in response to client needs. We just completed a series of assignments for a major university in New England that is a Blackboard client and is benefitting greatly from the ability to serve a worldwide student body through a wide variety of distance learning options. It is exciting to see how much the efforts of your team at Blackboard is making higher learning that much more available to people around the world. I look forward to continuing to track your progress and will be glad to contribute to the dialog you have initiated through your blog. Congratulations on your continued growth.

Warm regards,
Keith D Kulper

I'm looking forward to better integration between Elluminate and Blackboard. Good news!

Wanted to point this thread to a new post where I've answered some of the most common questions I'm hearing about this news, including some of the themes discussed here. New post is at: http://www.rayhblog.com/blog/2010/07/bbelluminatewimba-what-im-hearing.html.

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