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I am very excited about the angel platform this year!! Looking foward and waiting patiently for the teachers to utilize this great resource between parent and school.

How are you doing so far? At first after ANGEL was bought out by BB, things seem to be ok. Now 3-4 months since the buy out things are going downhill, in my opinion, for ANGEL Learning Support. My guess is many of the ANGEL Learning employees have either been fired or left the company so the people in these support positions as well as sales really do not have a history with ANGEL Learning customers. The May Update for ANGEL 7.3 fixed many things but broke too many other important communication channels for our online courses. Some of this may happened because of the customizations that St. Petersburg College has in place that mess around with the user id but I know of one that many other institutions use that broken.

I guess I feel that things are only going to get worse and not better. I was hoping BB has learned from their experience with the WebCT buyout but now I am questioning if BB really did.

I want to say a big thanks to your ANGEL support staff - We just upgraded from 7.2 to 7.4 and it was a bit of a rocky road, but the ANGEL support staff were there every step of the way to resolve every technical issue that we had. A few I probably could have fixed myself, given the time to research what was really happening, but they had the answer, usually much quicker than I could have found it. We are a one and a half person shop, supporting 60+ instructors and about 200 course sections each term, and I really appreciate the the ANGEL Support staff being there for me. ANGEL Support has always been good, but now, perhaps, even better.

Keep up the good work!

You know the saying, “Someone’s perception is their reality.” Well, my own perception became my own reality when came to the my feelings about ANGEL support. However, I was wrong (I am not beyond saying I was wrong). I guess when I wrote my first post I had hoped to get the same kind of response we usually received before the buyout. I was impressed that later that morning, I got a call from Lynn Zingraf, Sr. Director, Customer Support for ANGEL Learning. We had a great conversation about the true reality of what has happened in the last 3-4 months. Lynn set me straight that very few people who were with ANGEL Learning before the buyout have left. It was really nice to hear this fact.

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